Thursday, February 27, 2014

Furniture Conversion

Excuse me while I interrupt this regularly scheduled food blogging to showcase some of the newest transformations to our NYC apartment!

The living room is my pride and joy, I really enjoy the office nook in our bedroom, and the kitchen has undergone perhaps the most drastic of changes!

But most recently, I have been working on finishing the bedroom. Moving is expensive, we worked with what we had originally and aside from making a few purchases with my Anthro discount before it expired, we acquired some furniture from my generous parents and really, we had TOO much to work with. The only thing missing? Nightstands. So, for the last six months we've laughed at our drooping boxes and tupperware that served the purpose until I located two thrifty finds for under $20 each. With a new can of paint and a little TLC, this nightstand project came in at under $50 for these little Drexel values and a fresh look four our room.

Do you see how wonky all of these pictures are? I need a photography class. Also a blogging class. Yipes.


(Bedroom before)