Tuesday, January 22, 2013

GF Banana Pancakes

Sitting down to some espresso chocolate from my travels and Thai hot tea. Finally a moment of calm after a complete whirlwind of a trip to Thailand, coming back to unexpectedly go to the inaugural ball the very next day, and dealing with so many emails and so much cleaning!

Sometimes I can't help but notice that my life is completely insane. G and I are poor musicians but our lives recently have been super blessed and wildly extravagant. Sure, I might wear my eleventh grade prom dress to perform on the Strad collection at the Smithsonian or recycle a bridesmaid dress to stand twenty feet from the President, but don't worry about it! I'm having the time of my life here! Someday if I do have money for a decent dress or jewelry, I probably won't get asked to these things, right? Isn't that how life works? So I'm just embracing every event as it comes along and through each of these life changing moments, I'm brought back to a little something called humanity.

It's a little funny because my sweet sister in law (wasn't she nice to invite me to the ball?!?!) kept referring to the "humanity" of things last night. And I realized she's right. In Thailand, I was just truly awakened to how real people are when we choose to see them in that light. America (ok and other places, too) is full of so many people trying so hard to appear a certain way, but no matter who you are, the guard comes down at some point either by force or choice, if you'll let it. I saw it in the small children sleeping on the concrete in Bangkok and in old ladies preparing food on the sidewalks, in sitting in our gowns on the ground with our shoes kicked off in the middle of the festivities last night, and even in the president dancing with his wife. These are the real things, this is why peace is important, why unity is sacred, and only in these times are we truly reminded of how life should be and how we can be so, so wrong about what we think is right. Why spend so much of your time trying to appear a certain way when at the heart of it all, the every day things are what matter? In all of these completely fabulous and humbling moments, I'm so much more aware of equally (or more!) important times with sweet friends and family that I love, and especially completely ordinary moments with my husband (which is easy to remember when he is away for a month.) Before our sad parting, we shared an ordinary breakfast of these delicious pancakes and I love their simple reminder. Because aren't most important moments shared over food with people you love anyway?

So, here's the benediction. Be yourself, do what you love, have coffee with those you enjoy, travel when you can and definitely go to balls when given the chance, but whatever the circumstance, be gracious and kind and don't worry about appearing fancy or sustainable or people pleasing, because that's just not real life. Can we all just kick our shoes off and be real?

Be real. Make pancakes.

GF Banana Pancakes
makes enough for two really hungry people 

3 ripe bananas, mashed
2 tbs melted butter
1 tsp honey
2 eggs
1 cup all purpose gf flour
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1/4 cup coconut milk (or almond or regular! all are good!)

-Mix together first four ingredients in a medium sized bowl. After sifting together the dry ingredients, add to the wet to incorporate. Add in the milk and a little more to reach your desired pancake consistency. Top with butter and warm maple syrup!!