Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Scrambled Eggs

I've been itching to write for a while. But sometimes I can't help but wonder when I will be able to cut it with the epic posting and instead be able to sit down for a normal little session containing a few short words and a recipe. That doesn't seem to be in the cards anytime soon, and perhaps you'd like to be updated on recent happenings, faithful readers!?

As some of you know, my ulcerative colitis came out of remission on my birthday last year. At the time, I was hopeful that I could regain control of my health in a timely fashion, but as it turns out, this has proven to be the most challenging year of my life. Needless to say, I am looking forward to October 4 of this year and have high hopes for it being a really new year full of health and upward motion.

You see, the more I am on this journey, the more I realize the impossibility of reconciling western medicine with the natural world. Usually when one has a flare up of an autoimmune disease, it's straight to the specialist, diagnoses, treatment plant, GO! And when I attempted to follow that regimen this last time, I was overwhelmed with conviction about the drugs being pumped into my body, drugs that didn't seem to be doing their job. At that point, I threw myself into the world of the GAPS diet and natural healing for six months. And for about two of those months, I did well, I saw healing, and I was convinced I would be well. But when an unexpected relapse occurred at the end of July, I felt like a giant failure. I poured so much time and discipline into this lifestyle, and it failed me? I then attempted a last-resort water fast to try to stop the inflammation, and unfortunately that put my body over the edge and sent me to the hospital for a grueling week of needles, IVs, an overabundance of antibiotics, isolation, and miserable fluid retention.

Since my recovery, I've dealt with a ream of ridiculous symptoms and other unpleasantries (I think I made that word up) that accompany high-powered steroid use. And because of the steroid, I can't be sure if the drug I am currently on to tame things down is actually working or if it will fail me once the steroid stops.

Through this whole discouraging process, I was perhaps the most flabbergasted in the hospital when I realized that they have NO idea how to treat GI patients, especially when it comes to food. Keep in mind, I am being hospitalized for an inflamed colon... and what do they send me? Sugar, dairy, gluten... in the most highly processed forms. PEOPLE! IT'S THE HOSPITAL! WHERE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO MAKE YOU WELL!??! AND THIS IS THE FOOD THEY SERVE? Oh, I was furious. And apparently pioneered a gluten free menu at this particular hospital. (I'm not joking.)

Be still my heart. I can't afford to get worked up about this. Or anything. Attempting to remain calm at all times is my new life goal. Worried? Not me! Mad? Don't worry about it! I've got this!

I do have to say that amidst all of the misery, I have been completely blown away by the generosity of friends and family in getting us moved to NYC and in taking care of me. We've felt so loved and supported and have received such wonderful surprises. I don't know what the future holds for me, but I'm going to keep trucking and thanking God for each day that He gives me. I'm happy to be here on this earth and in this amazing city and I am so thankful for all of you in my life holding my hand through this time.

Come visit us soon and I will make you soft, digestible foods like these eggs that I start every morning with! When the day is daunting, look at the basics of life. Food. Health. Family. Prioritize them, make them special, and don't take them for granted. Love what you have!! <3 p=""> 

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