Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Against the Grain Challenge!!

Friends! Bloggers! Countrymen!

I am recruiting all who are willing for a week long challenge that will give the participant an idea of what it is like to live as natural a life as possible (as I have been doing for the last few months.) You can be as extreme with this as you like. At the most basic level, the name of the game is to be mindful of what is going into your body in regards to chemical intake and those foods which cause inflammation. Even if you are a relatively healthy individual, you will benefit from seven days of clean eating, I promise! We will call this goal of eating :

Level 1!
*NO grains, NO sugar, NO corn, beans, potatoes, or processed meats

Instead, enjoy the following:
Fruits (all kinds, bananas with brown spots preferable)
Vegetables (with the exception of corn,  beans, potatoes)
Nuts (nut butters and dried fruit without sugar)
Well-sourced, pastured eggs and natural meats
Nitrate/nitrite free bacon, pepperoni, lunch meats
Honey in moderation
Coffee, tea, sparkling water (try to limit caffeine)
Limited dairy is best (a little cream in coffee (full fat, organic) and organic butter, lard, coconut oil and olive oil are recommended for cooking)

Level 2!

Commit to exercise!
Over-exertion is not recommended  for those unaccustomed to this type of restricted diet, so do light walking or make a $3 investment in the YogaStudio app which is a private in-home yoga experience that not only leaves your body feeling amazing, but also is a great help in centering your mind!

Level 3!

Eliminate as many toxins as possible!
Refrain from excess caffeine, pain killers, or other unnatural drugs, cosmetics, and cleaning products if possible.

This should get your thinking cap in gear! I will be posting a suggested meal plan tomorrow and will also be posting suggestions and recipes along the way!

Comment, message, text or call me if you have questions or need some support!!

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  1. Yoga app is only for you "i" people. Not available for android users.