Thursday, July 18, 2013

Against the Grain Challenge Meal Plan!!

The goal of this challenge is to FEEL BETTER. You can calorie count if you like, but it isn't necessary. Eat whole foods. Feel good! Refer to yesterday's post for more guidelines. Today, I will help you with a few specific ideas in regards to what to put into your body in case you're feeling like " WHAT DO I EAT IF I HAVE NO GRAINS OR SUGAR?! WHAT DO I MAKE FOR DINNER?!?! WHAT DO I SNACK ON?! WHAT IS FOR LUNCH!!!! "

Things to Drink!
Water (consider adding fresh citrus and other fruits like strawberries for a refreshing change-up!)
Coconut water (no added sugar)
Kombucha (no added sugar)
Coffee (organic, with a splash of full fat cream and a teaspoon of honey if you must)
Iced and hot teas without sugar!

Consider these pancakes
How about muffins?
EGGS! Any way!
Fresh fruit (preferably eaten first to aid in digestion)

Big salads are great! Get creative with adding fruit, nuts, protein and raw or aged cheeses
Zucchini Pizza!
Snack on carrots and white bean dip
Apples and Nut butter (don't get too generous with the nut butter!)

A cooked protein with a myriad of roasted vegetables
Get creative with cauliflower pizza crust
Use riced cauliflower as "fried rice" and do a stir fry

For additional safe recipes, consult these websites:

Remember, no grains, no corn, potatoes, beans, and no sugar! Only natural, hormone and nitrate free meats and eggs!

Ask me your questions! And keep track of your experience. I want a recap from everyone!!

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