Saturday, July 9, 2011

exciting news and cake pops with karin!

good news! yours truly has just been accepted as a featured publisher for foodbuzz!

i am super excited about being apart of a network of over four thousand food blogs who strive to provide exciting content for food lovers around the globe. i'm new to this but i think it is going to be a great learning experience and a whole lot of fun!

in other news, i have a short, atypical post for you today. i'm still living in a college dorm for the moment at a classical music festival, so my posts are a little bit abnormal but just as fun! making new food creations with different people all month long has been quite an adventure!

in honor of this partnership, i say we need a celebratory cake post ! it's delicious and it always signifies a special occasion. but there's a new way to eat it and it might even be a little more figure friendly than that traditional SLAB o' cake (unless you eat more than five... so try to keep it together!)

meet karin.

she makes cake pops.

and she is super great!

i met her a few years ago here at this music festival but since that time, she has been a mentor of sorts to me in many ways. she is an incredible athlete and the only reason why i run half marathons. she's inspiring and adorable and i love her a lot.

she only visited us for a short while this year at masterworks. but when she came... she brought cake pops! a few of us ate ALL of them the first night. WHOOPS. so on night two, we made another batch to share with more friends. her first batch was homemade and the second we cheated with box mixes for the sake of efficiency and for lack of certain baking essentials in our dorm kitchen.

the homemade is better. but let's be real, i'll eat any of them!

i know there are a ton of people who focus solely on making elaborate cake pops but they are a fun treat for any occasion and can be pretty simple to put together.

for starters, use a sure fire recipe like this one and whip up at least two cups of the buttercream of your choice.

bake cake in a 9x13 and while still warm from the oven, loosen entire contents with a fork. also incorporate 1/2 cup of buttercream when cake has cooled a bit. mash together clumps of cake and roll into balls with your hands. place on skewers and cover with remaining buttercream. adorn with decorations of your choice.

karin recommends a trip to your local craft store for edible pearls and glitter, for the extra special party touch!!

a great new way to eat cake! try it at your next party and if you do, tell me about it!!