Tuesday, January 25, 2011

pleased as punch

i have been in search of the perfect pie crust for many years now... ok maybe five serious years. but that is an awful long time to be dissatisfied with pie crust! first problem : i don't want to waste all of those carbs (EXCEPT I DO) but my body doesn't need it. and second : i am trying to eat as little white flour as possible.

with one egg and no milk in the house and a studio party to go to, i felt like my choices were slim at best for creating something tasty and new. but after a few scans of my cupboards and an inspirational recipe from the only (but also the coolest) blogger i know (who is actually a real blogger...with like... comments..........) i noticed i had a giant can of pears, unsweetened cranberries from whole foods and some whole wheat flour.

first, i crafted the most perfect pie crust. i am so proud of myself i could bust. and i think i might have to keep it a secret for a week, just to feel special. but if you really want it, just ask.

then i created a compote out of the pears and cranberries and made little tarts in normal sized muffin tins - and went that extra step to cut out little leaves for the tops of each tart because i somehow have NO cutters of any description, biscuit OR cookie. (for shame.)

i'm not sure why. but i just love this simple little creation. it's amazing what cute things can do for your week.