Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dad's Corncakes

Remember the old game where you try to one up your friend's dad with how cool your dad is? Well, I remember a particular friend and I used to argue in a similar fashion but with a twist :

"My dad can make cereal!"
"Well MY dad makes the best toast in the world!"
"Well one time my dad swirled pb j AND HONEY together!"

Totally weird. But kind of hilarious in hindsight.

My dad doesn't make much but he sure does appreciate delicious food. He does have one specialty, though. Southern corn cakes.

He loves breakfast-for-dinner nights and Saturday brunches and has always been known for his famous corn cakes. My friends always request them and for a very long time, this was the closest I'd get to a pancake.

I hated pancakes growing up. They made me feel like hurling. Whether or not this was due to a lack of portion control or just a strange happening, I only ate dad's corn cakes. They're delightfully Southern, super super easy (even dads can make them!!) and they don't make you feel like a blimp.

True love. In a Jiffy.

Do you see that little crust? I can't tell you how good that part tastes. You just have to go make them, drizzle with maple syrup and see for yourself.

Dad's Corncakes
makes about 12-15 small cakes

Jiffy Corn Mix (no, this blog is not sponsored by Jiffy!)
1 egg
2 tbs shortening (melted) or canola oil
3/4 c milk (plus a little for extra thin cakes)

- Whip this together and fire up your griddle to 400 degrees to ensure an extra crispy crust!


  1. Your dad sounds pretty cool to me. And, corn cakes? They're one of my favorites! You are a very lucky girl. xo

  2. I agree, your dad is cool :D. Aesome corn cakes. Too bad you can't get Jiffy here in the UK, these wound so fun.
    *kisses* HH

  3. How funny- I hated pancakes as a kiddo, too. Your Dad's corn cakes look terrific- got to love Jiffy Mix! Hope you and yours have a fabulous Turkey Day!

  4. These corn cakes look really tasty! I could totally enjoy seeing that on my dinner menu, too.