Tuesday, June 7, 2011

curry roasted cauliflower

hello from victoria, texas!

G and i are playing in the victoria bach festival this week with performances here and back in austin. although we are traveling so much this summer, it looks like each place i will be will have a kitchen! PHEW! not having any idea what our lodging would be like here, i was pleasantly surprised to find a lovely little kitchen in our guest house for the week. it is always an adventure to use different kitchen utensils! it builds character, i'd say.

to add to the confusion that is our lives right now, i am also throwing in some dietary changes. G can do what he likes since i won't be with him the whole summer. but i find that every time i have the chance to actually think about eating, i am always convicted about the habits i form when i am busy. not to mention the fact that although i am in remission from colitis, it could always come back. so it's time to check in with my health and do a little detox. don't worry, if you see a butter-ridden recipe or two over the next six weeks, i promise i'm not the one eating it!! (maybe you should hold me accountable...)

here's a very simple, healthy cauliflower recipe. a delightful side to a main dish or a zesty addition to a salad. i roasted mine but you could definitely grill it in a jiffy!

curry roasted cauliflower

one head of cauliflower, washed and sliced thin
2 tbs olive oil
1 tbs curry powder
juice of one lemon
1 tsp course salt

- preheat oven to 425. combine all ingredients to coat evenly and spread into a 9x13. roast for 25 minutes or until bits of the cauliflower really begin to brown and caramelize!


  1. OOh traveling for the summer, sounds like a lot of fun! I wish I could travel this summer. That's awesome that you have a kitchen, and I'm glad you're thinking about your health first and foremost. Since I practically stopped cooking or baking with eggs and butter, I'm realizing that eliminating certain things from every day eating actually isn't very hard and I don't feel like I'm missing out. This cauliflower looks yum too, love curry! :D Need to go find something to eat now lol.

  2. I wish I were dedicated enough to cut butter from my diet. But then I couldn't really bake, could I? Your cauliflower looks delish! Hope you're enjoying traveling and performing.

  3. I totally get it going butter-free. I used to eat it way too much, but switched to nut butters (mostly I had it with my morning toast). That, too, was for health reasons: high cholesterol. I've lost weight and feel more energetic. I don't think thgat was form giving up butter but now when I do have it I find that the flavor is too overpowering. Weird.