Tuesday, April 12, 2011

thank you part two

i have good news and i have bad news.

good : monica is working closely with PBS this entire week at new world symphony which is AWESOME.

bad : due to her work schedule, 30x30x30 is being put on hold until saturday at least! oh dear me! what ever will we do!!?!?! the busy bachelorette's schedule is getting the best of us!

i'll wrap up recital weekend. that's what i'll do.

and if that's not enough. i'll tell you what i have been eating locally in austin - in case you're jonesin' for some good eats.

first things first. i kept my recital reception pretty small but wanted to use recipes i have created as reminders of the staples in my family from all of the many teas and luncheons my sweet Mom has thrown over the last few decades. she's a fantastic lady and an amazing cook and luckily, she passed on the skills to both of my sisters, so i've been watching the ultimate homemakers in their kitchens my whole life. i could explode with the pride i feel for the women in my family. we're passionate, fierce, opinionated, a little bit ridiculous, mostly a hoot and always up for throwing the sweetest little southern party you ever did see! and now, for the second time (the wedding being the first) my dear Mother in law has been thrown into the Parks women madness. she's becoming one of us! look out!

you know what makes these little gatherings special? the small touches. most of mine came from good friends. a porcelain owl pitcher (katelyn) cute little peacock calling cards for recipe names (bekah) a little lace, and a bit of bird confetti! you'd be surprised how often people notice the little things and make the time to comment on them.

the menu

whole wheat banana cupcakes with chocolate buttercream
strawberry-basil scones with lime glaze
whole wheat mini pies with cran-pear compote
traditional lemon bars
mama's mint tea punch

and after this little party? we started stuffing ourselves, in this order and with these dish recommendations :

FINO : mediterranean roasted vegetable cazuela, chicken paella
Salt Lick : ribs n' BRISKET!
Round Rock Donuts : go with the GLAZED!
Torchy's Tacos : the democrat and fried avocado
Mi Tierra in San Antonio
Iron Cactus : happy hour for lobster tacos and tableside guac <3
County Line BBQ : TBD

*none of the above restaurants are in any way associated with my blog - just favorites around town!

before i blow up from all of the food intake, i'm getting out of here. thanks again to the special ladies who helped me this week and of course to the ultimate husband and fathers, too! and once more, liz love for these pictures!!


  1. yay! i'm glad you finally got to use the owl pitcher :). Your spread looked professional. Wish I could have been there!

  2. can i cater your reception next year? ok great :D

  3. You beautiful woman - this is great and so heartfelt! Thanks for the shout out. :)

  4. checking in from hiatus...on dinner break:
    things are crazy in camp miami.
    recital/reception/parks&luce women all look amazing- wish i had been there so much!