Wednesday, April 27, 2011


parmesan from parma! italian EVOO! caciocavallo al forno! orechiette! HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!

i am so in love with food from other cultures. i don't care where it is, if you have some kind of cultural pride related to food, i want to know about it.

it's hard to make friends in grad school, so the few i have are simply the best. some of those few came over tonight to share in the delights of italy and our italian stallion francesco. he is a fantastic person and an incredible cellist and he hails straight from italia! VIVA!

his sweet mother sends him care packages and he was kind enough to share the bounty of such an oversea delight with a few of our friends. in his box of goodness were a few essential items that created the most simple and divine meal. with a little sliced onion, zucchini, tomatoes and quality pasta, you can have a very similar experience, i promise.

but always remember, only use onions OR garlic. never both when creating a sauce. that's the italian way!

we began the meal with a high quality, organic orechiette.

topped with authentic parmesan straight from parma! i've never tasted anything like it.

after our pasta dish, we finished the meal with baked (al forno) caciocavallo cheese (on the horse, francesco says is the literal translation!) completely amazing.

the evening was made complete with a few choice wines and grappa, a new cookie recipe i am going to share with you in the next post and ciao bella sorbet.

you, too, can have an authentic italian meal at home. we may not be able to get ingredients from italy but we can recreate such dishes that only simplicity can achieve.

in love. and i think i passed comps. thanks for the prayers and well wishes. i'm almost home free!

now go plan your next summer evening soiree and make it italian!

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