Thursday, March 24, 2011

simple eats

balance is necessary in life. and this is something i have become more aware of in the last two years. i need balance in everything to live happily. isn't that what we're all after?

i really believe that this can start with balanced eating. but i am a person of extremes and when i am able, i eat like a crazy person and get carried away with the baked goods. which is why i strive to make the baked goods i make at least somewhat healthier and not ridden with sugar and flour!

for the next few days, though, i am just eating fruits and veggies. and it feels NIIIIIICE.

do you ever eat only fruit for breakfast? if so, what? i need more ideas!

if you want to try this way of eating, here are two of my favorites and coincidentally, what i ate for breakfast and lunch!

fruit salad

one champagne mango

3 strawberries

juice of one lime

tablespoon of fresh chopped mint

drizzle of agave nectar

to your health salad

bed of baby spinach and red kale




dried cranberries

sunflower seeds

alfalfa sprouts

"dressing" of balsamic, clementine juice, olive oil and S&P

try eating raw for a day! see what happens!

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