Friday, March 11, 2011

DIY business cards

a few things have been going on in my life this week. most disturbingly, the washing machine broke. i don't see why it had to do this before we moved. i mean, c'mon! this kind of left me in a state of disarray, throwing most of my possessions around the floor, making more food than necessary and embarking on DIY projects...

i was recently approached by a nice lady at the etsy vendor show downtown at west elm who wanted my business card! i was wearing a headband that i had made and she wanted one, too. i was flattered. it was at this moment that i realized i need business cards. and i am, of course, impatient - so i decided to make them myself yesterday instead of waiting for free ones to come in the mail. they look pretty ghetto. but if nothing else, i got some bird confetti out of the deal! with pens and a paper cutter and this nifty bird punch that i found at michael's, i ended up with a semi cool idea. here are the results :

i'm not EVEN blogging about food today! because i am about to go LEARN and be INSPIRED at the Food Blogger's Convention downtown at Whole Foods! ALL WEEKEND! can't wait to put what i learn to use! thanks to Kathryn for the opportunity!!!

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  1. super cute, Anna! always impressed w/ the things you come up w/. . .hugs!