Thursday, September 30, 2010

autumnal bliss

i REALLY love fall. yeah, i know, it ain't happenin' in TEJAS - but i can dream. and i definitely catch myself thinking about turning leaves, homemade applesauce and everything pumpkin! my only attempt at fall related decor so far this year (i'm kind of proud, i won't lie. silly, i know!)

it's been nice around here. a slow start to the semester, which i am thankful for. and aside from the pesky demand of my violin scale class to memorize a new set of scales and arpeggios (which equal many hours of pain and frustration for me) i am doing quite well with the happiness factor. it's amazing what a slow start to a year can do for your demeanor!

somehow i feel like this year is one of new beginnings. i understand last year with a, i don't know, MARRIAGE?? was a new start. but this year is a different kind. a cleansing of sorts. and that cleansing has shaped up to be apartment related, spiritual and also very much phsyical. in fact, Greg and i are currently on day 11 of the Maker's Diet (although he cheated once with Chic-fil-a!) the Maker's Diet is a 40 day cleanse intended mostly for those of us with chronic diseases but a lot of Americans have been using it to lose weight as well. i have been feeling funny lately and have been really convicted about changing my eating habits. i have done the diet once before but didn't keep it as a lifestyle like i should. at first, all i could think about was donuts and everything flour and sugar related. but recently, i have been a little more inspired in my meal preparation.

and can i just say? if you don't love butternut squash, you have GOT to try it like this!!! my new favorite for sure. found it on the greatest blog, thanks to amanda zambrano!

we eat a lot of salads and fresh vegetables and splurge on a salad with a few dried cranberries in it.

my new project will be to make homemade whey to ferment my own vegetables (never knew how good THAT could be for you!) and i also need to locate some sprouted flour or learn how to make my own. it's a ton of work - but ridding our bodies of the awful preservatives in everything EVERYTHING on the shelves, is so crucial. we both feel a lot better already.

now, i leave you... to prepare for the extravaganza weekend celebrating my birthday. ok, fine, nothing crazy is happening but i am going to be 25 on monday and i feel like this is the last birthday i have to look forward to for a while and i just really like the number.

special thanks to the Luce clan - and my beautiful new lamps for our night stands. LOVE THEM <3

happy birthday to me :D