Sunday, August 22, 2010


hello world.

i really stink at blogging, apparently. which is too bad. because i think i would like to remember what has gone on in my life - since it goes by at the speed of light.

but i can only deal with the present at this time. so, i will stick with that.

i am in FINLAND! and today is my very first wedding anniversary. these are both exciting things. so you get to hear about both :D

i left delaware, after spending some quality time with family and friends <3 on august 16 - to travel with seven others of the Halo Ensemble to finland. after a delayed flight to detroit, a three-fold departure attempt to amsterdam and one missed flight later, we finally reached helsinki. after a few buses and a subway, we were finally at Pauliina's house on an "island" off of Helsinki. it is really just separated by a small channel.

Pauliina lives with two guys, her brothers, she calls them. they are both super amazing people who have kindly given their home over to over 20 insane musicians. one of them even moved out, so that we could use his room. (please pray for him. he has been in the hospital with meningitis for a few days now from the place where he was staying. we are praying for a quick recovery for him!!)

so far, we haven't seen any sights. by day, we have been rehearsing in a church about 15 minutes by foot. we come back for lunch and finish before dinner. both meals are at P's house - she has a tiny kitchen, which we destroy and clean up at least three times a day. this says nothing about her living room. but thank goodness her blessed roommates built us a table for 20 in the back yard. at night, all of us for the most part, walk a few blocks down the road to sleep in a different church. every evening the girls move their "mattresses" upstairs and make our beds, only to wake up at 730 and move them back down before the day care people arrive. it's quite an event and pretty tiring at times. oh, by the by - ALL of us shower here:

the dynamic here will change after tomorrow. so far, two of Pauliina's friends and Halo's prayer team, Kaisa and Valtteri were here until last night. and also, an improv. instructor from Germany leaves tomorrow. with Kaisa's departure, the role of food making became mine entirely. hopefully we will survive :D so far, i have only burnt one pan of baked french toast - it was still edible. with our improv. leader leaving, we will hopefully have time for more rehearsal...

and now, it is time to prepare the afternoon snack. thankfully, today has been a slow one for me, which i am so thankful for. it is really difficult to be away from Gregory today. but it worked out so that i was actually able to sleep until 930 AND i was able to go on a run by the lake and through the woods of Finland. and NOW i even have time to blog. really happy about that.

so, instead of moping around missing my boy, i am fondly recollecting all of the wonderful memories from exactly one year ago today.

i truly felt very beautiful. i was so happy to be getting married, it was the least stressful day of my life (which is surprising, considering every bride i have known has been a wreck on wedding day.) my bouquet had really cool pods in it. i had amazing blue shoes. i was completely ecstatic about having the best bridal party, musicians and friends in the world. my parents were the biggest blessing to me. i married in to a wonderful family. couldn't ask for more, really. those were all just added bonuses to the obvious- Gregory Raymond Luce!

here's to many more!