Wednesday, April 7, 2010


what is a perfect day?

one that involves good sleep, great music and delicious recipes. and this Easter proved to be just that! in fact, the last couple of weeks have been filled with many joyous occasions.

spring breaks around the nation just kept on giving for me this year, starting with monica's in florida and after mine, katelyn's! she set out on her first trip to the great state of tejas to enjoy some vintage shopping and the occasional ray of sun.

back to Easter... the past weekend was the first non-wedding gig weekend in FOREVER. we are so thankful for wedding gigs (they pay rent yeeeaaah!) but they are really stressful to me and make me a little grumpy at times. so you can imagine the relief i felt this weekend with the break and Greg not having rehearsal on a weekend in austin for the first time since the wedding!

my recipe experiment this time came from a tomato craving. and i decided to do a little side experiment with the focus on our camera.

as all ladies should do when embarking on cooking endeavors, set aside the bling :

the recipes i made weren't anything super special. i did a sun dried tomato baked chicken, a favorite orzo recipe reminiscent of my days living with Monica and Jarcy [and really Dan, too :P] from Giada - can't find a link to it but it is boiled orzo with a simple vinaigrette, cherry tomatoes, green onions and feta MMMMM! somehow, HEB ( our lovely, albeit not so diverse grocery store ) did NOT HAVE CHERRY MATERS?!?!? but they DID have strawberry tomatoes! seriously... the BEST tomato i have tasted in a very long time (and my dad used to can them, so i consider myself a bit particular with the fruit!) i strongly suggest picking up some of these if you can find them!

that's all i have for now :D when i start taking better pictures, my blog will be more interesting, right? so i'm going to work on that!