Monday, February 22, 2010

around these parts

frequent participant in "dog on table in laundry"

paper eater

but just too cute

alongside her insatiable desire to tear up paper, gatorade caps and toilet paper rolls, this pooch also enjoys dancing on laptops and posters, licking couches and singing along with cell phone ringers, harmonicas and melodicas.

she provides many hours of entertainment and is more so my baby than ever before. she is a little nuts but i love her.

BUT about a week ago, the little rascal decided to throw up all over our dry-clean-only comforter. it was beyond the spot cleaning point and instead of washing just that one area? i decided that the whole thing needed a washing anyway.

Gregory is doing an excellent job with managing our finances and it is very comforting to know that we can still EAT while being students and having no actual income. but it takes a LOT of penny pinching. so, in my frugality, i decided taking this giganormous comforter to the cleaners was absolutely not in the budget. my solution?

-bathing suit
-scoop of GAIN


complete and UTTER DISASTER.

-soaked comforter, that not even "grape stomping" could help
-hurting hands from attempted wringing
- wet carpet
-puddles in the dryer and surrounding areas
-about three nearly broken appliances

lesson learned.

thankfully, everything is back in order now :D