Thursday, February 4, 2010

make art part 2

i take so much joy in home related things. things that don't involve studying or practicing :D

1. i have been reading pride and prejudice (thanks to a great gift of three austen books for Christmas from my new sister-in-law JANA!!) it is like reading it for the first time! i can't put it down! i try to read during class... whoops?

2. more art projects. this one involves toilet paper rolls. GOING GREEN!!! cut them up, glue them together ET VOILA:

[above idea : thanks to the craftiest person i know, katelyn :D]

i also hung the birdcages from our wedding centerpieces above our bed. i feel like there needs to be something behind it, but no brilliant ideas yet i need blogging friends so i can receive advice on such things. hm!