Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Here she is! GRACE OLIVIA!!! My new niece :D :D :D What a little joy. Can't wait to meet her, although in trying to plan a trip to do so, a professor was very mean to me at school and because of that - it's just been a messy week already. BUT Gregory is bringing home a mcflurry and Harry Potter 6 - YES! We can share gross food (especially after an hour run today, right?) EEEE! My escape continues to be in the kitchen!

Last night's culinary endeavor was a very simple dish that I found on this blog :

Paired with it (and for some protein) I made a simple salad with vinaigrette and bacon. But not just any ole bacon. Bacon with brown sugar on it! Only bakes for about 10 minutes : p.s. I didn't have a rack to put the slices on and ruined a cookie sheet SO don't do what I did! This is about how much:

The vinaigrette is very simple, too and can be made with the following :

Super typical but very tasty! And this little salad went super well with our piece de resistance!!!

I suggest trying it!