Wednesday, January 20, 2010

around these parts

this week is a happy week.

despite the fact that i had to endure an awful, awful (but necessary) medical procedure yesterday, i have successfully distracted myself from the unpleasant situation and have found a great deal of joy in many things.

since we have been back, i have been experimenting with different recipes. i'll share the succesful ones with you a little later. (and more for my own documentation! it always stinks to have to go looking up something i found last month!)

aside from the general food planning, monday (the day before the procedure of death) i did massive overhaul cleaning. it is surprising HOW LONG it can take to clean one less-than-800-sqft apartment!! but it took me an entire day! however, there is nothing better than a clean apartment. and in this one right now? a new herb garden! i am so delighted! ok... i shouldn't jump to conclusions. i bought one mint plant and planted 5 herbs on my own... but the pots are cute all by themselves- keeping my hopefully green thumbs crossed for sprouts in the next few days!!

something about live plants! love them! i was so sad this winter that i lost my hanging plants and my hibiscus :( my dear husband, however, had flowers waiting for me when i got home last saturday. and the one lily had 3 blooms, now on it's last one - that's totally the way to make flowers last! i still have a bloom and a half left! AWESOME!

ok the other thing that is making me really happy (that probably shouldn't) is this half marathon training. it's grueling! but so fulfilling... and i am looking alot more toned (PTL) i have never been overweight but i have not been healthy and skinny at the same time, either. so i'm kind of looking forward to that. hoping my body heals really quickly this week so i can get back to running.

ok so while in delaware, i had little to do - and ended up watching a TON of food network shows. the result was an insatiable desire to make dishes by people such as Giada deLaurentiis, Ina Garten and others...

my new cooking plan of attack is to make THREE (count em, ONLY THREE!) meals per week. each of those meals will be made x 2 so that they will be stretched out over two nights. and the SEVENTH night is date night - which for us, is chic fil a or terra burger, usually (which is fine with us!)

but since i had a little more time last week, and in preparation for my impending doom, i mean down time from this procedure : i ended up making the following :

meal one :

salmon with citrus salsa verde (giada) look it up if you care to
the BEST part was that she suggested rubbing Agave on the salmon before pan frying. it made it SO crispy and delicious - with the mix of citrus and herbs, a real hit!!

if you don't know about agave, be enlightened! it's delicious and nutritious! for about the price of honey, too. and minus the adverse affects of sugars. ban the white death and adopt the agave nectar :D

another protein-packed awesome find is quinoa. throw some herbs/ lemon juice and chicken stock in this to be cooked like rice, and reap massive health benefits. it's like a filling carb but it ISN't a grain! delightful. and gluten free.

the other part of the meal was a citrus salad with grapefruit, oranges, fennel and a vinaigrette. i must admit, fennel is too much like licorice - so not my favorite at all.

i also tried my hand at a satay and another salmon pomegranate deal. satay is satay, so it wasn't too special. and i just assume throwing pomegranate seeds on anything is a good idea.

salmoned out for this week. on to... scallops? maybe.

i've worn myself out. time for more medicine and sleep. :D