Friday, October 2, 2009

a lesson in parenting

Not to worry. Just wanted to shock whoever reads this.

However, Gregory and I are parents (in a sense) to a four pound, highly energized, bed hogging, Zoe is great. We love her. She requires a lot of attention. So much so that when Greg even so much as puts an arm around me, she freaks out and tries to jump or scratch one of us until we include her.

BUT... she has been doing really well here in our little apartment. Very few accidents and only an occasional bark when we let her run around on the patio outside. She's a good dog.

So good that I decided last night it was high time for her to learn some discipline. Every evening when we go to bed, we put up the viola case blockade from our room to the bathroom. Her bed is on the other side in the bathroom and that is where she must sleep - this is very hard for her because she is used to sleeping with me - however her new Dad wants no part in this! I decided that it would be much more enjoyable for her to sleep in our bedroom if she could ONLY just learn to stay in HER bed and not get into ours. SO we tried. She knows "lay down" and "stay" very well but obedience is excruciating to three year old Zoe.

From this wild attempt at disciplining a tiny dog, Greg and I only learned that being parents will prove to be very hard work. We would tell her to stay then would lay very still, while Greg would watch her with one eye opened only to yell NO the moment she moved. The in between was more hilarious.... when we would look at her "ignoring" us as she stared at the wall... but the best was shutting off the lights for 5 seconds only to turn them back on to see her caught in the act of army crawling out of her bed on to the carpet... It was priceless. We couldn't stop laughing.

All of that to say, I woke up at 3 am to her sleeping at my feet. Whoops? Round two tonight perhaps.

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