Saturday, September 26, 2009


the weather here has been 100% better the last few days. i love sunshine on the beach but i'll take the rain over 108 degrees any day in texas. the gloominess made every morning a little more pleasant. i guess that sounds strange but rain, to me, is comforting. it means so much to me that this little place i spend so much time in becomes a cozy haven. i'm very much a person in need of a sanctuary. and since i have had SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much time to think this week, i have begun to wonder : why do all of this? why is it necessary for women to make homes just so? some women go for the cozy atmosphere but others really do it, i think, to impress fellow women with lovely things. i guess we're like that in more than just decor... clothing, hair, shoes, children?! etc...

but as much as i want to impress some of my friends who i think are more creative than i am ... i have been thinking about my home long term. i appreciate orderliness and cleanliness as well as cute, coordinating things in homes that i visit... but what do i want out of our place? both this one and those to come in the future? i guess it is my job to think about this!

to me, having a clean home respects my husband and the place that is ours. but when it comes to making it a sanctuary, i have been thinking about how i want our place to always be in the condition that at any moment, any person could come in and feel at home - no matter where they're from. i am beginning to understand (after visiting a gorgeous house of an older couple) that we will probably not (if ever) have super nice, expensive things (more than we do now, because GOODNESS did we get really nice wedding - especially kitchen - gifts) and we probably won't be able to afford any kind of fancy apartment for a long time. both of these things i am completely fine with. but i really just like the idea of sharing love through our home. that it be a reflection of who we are and how we live, to invite others in and to share what we have. that's what we're called to in this life anyway - show love. and when we can do it through a place, YES!!

too much rambling. so glad this time of loneliness is almost over. and after making a pillow out of burlap (WHOOOOOOOA) my craft projects have come to an end for now. i need maybe 3 or 4 more things to have the completed look i'm after for the apartment and then i am done. if nothing else, i have had many hours to think about being married and nesting and i am REALLY ready to have Gregory back. almost there.............

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