Sunday, September 20, 2009

make art

man, you guys are supportive! thanks :) especially to my new sisters. i already had two fantastic sisters, and now i have two more. HOLLERRRRR :)

ok. so. official day 2 without Gregory.

poor boy had to travel for 27 hours instead of... alot less. but he is safely in trondheim now. and zoe and i are safely tucked in our apt. still a little lonely - but i decided to do a little art project to pass the time that i didn't spend practicing today!!

i saw wall art similar to this and thought - i can do that!! so i tried! i went with a brown silhouette look instead of black, since our living room is mostly brownish tones (and proving to look very 70's) what would my mother say? she thinks the 70's should be left in the past but i know her too well and i have seen pictures - she was SO guilty of liking it back then :)

i think that is all for now... more thoughts and art projects to follow!


  1. My dear Anna, I know you are lonely and I understand totally-not something you can plan for. I agree w/ Ang though. You will make friends. How could people not love you? Your tree is wonderful-another talent surfaces. I promise not to comment every day!
    Love you.

  2. so, don't know who you drew for christmas, but if it's me, i just thought i'd throw it out there that we could use an anna original for the playroom =)

  3. absolutely precious. . .seriously. I would also love an original Anna!!!