Sunday, September 20, 2009

it just so happens to be 5 a.m.

and i should be asleep.

i sit here, watching hair loss infomercials, one with montel about juicing everything in sight (impressive) and a better discovery, asian history and poverty.

the next nine days will admittedly prove to be a challenge for me. i am a social creature. always have been. and even when i wasn't as a younger person (which was usually due to a sense of inadequacy) i wished it to be so. however, i am just now realizing (as i sit here at too-early-o-clock) how desperately aware of this fact i am and OH hey i have been married for one month - it went by quickly but boy did i grow accustomed to having Gregory around every evening.

(new show on : an African-American woman speaking to us as "mother earth" - she says it's time we have a "heart to heart"! "don't make me send a tornado to get my point across," she says...)

ok let's get to the point here! one gazillion people blog these days. a few of my dear friends (and a new family member YESSS) have REALLY interesting, incredible, thought-provoking blogs. i truly believe that mine will be neither. but i see the fulfillment of these things and would like to jump on the bandwagon (banjo music?)

so, hey bloggers! i want to share life with you!

and what better time to start than when my dear husband (still getting used to that word) has left me for a quartet competition in Norway!

you see, grad school is actually a joke... i am paying this university to get a masters in music, right? and somehow this means i take one class and participate in ensembles and lessons. clearly, with a lack of academic worry, i turn to lesson worry and obsessive apartment cleaning, as well as experimental cooking. life is so strange for me right now. i am "nesting" for the first time in my life. i have this place that is ours and i can do whatever i want with it! at the same time, i am in this strange place of limbo - where i have no friends here, not even any prospective friends and because of the quartet, i am alone most of every day. what on earth do i do with this alone time? yes, i can practice. but i have to tell you, the more time goes on, the less i am able to sit alone trying to master a box of wood and a stick. SO here i go... living and learning in austin, while hopefully gaining some understanding of how to be a good person while i am on this earth.


  1. anna, i'm so glad your blogging! i admit i toyed around with a "luce" blog address, but the best I could come up with was "livingluce". i'm glad you were able to come up with something better =). i detest being alone too, so i'll be thinking of you especially while g is away. i have an inkling that you will not long be without friends in that big city of austin, and i hope god brings some good ones your way!


  2. LOVE your 1st entry, sister!!! you've been added to my favorites, and I will check often for updates! hang in there while G is gone. . .